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worldtraveler236 from Los Angeles, California, said on tripadvisor.com.ar (September 14th, 2012):

Limited by a shoulder injury sustained at the beginning of my visit to Argentina and which eventually required surgery back in the States. I was not able to horse ride or travel much.
David's accompanying me to each of the above two Portena equestrian events,however compels me to do the Estancia and Colonia trips on my next visit to Buenos Aires.
The "adventures/outings I did are very memorable. David's superb attentiveness for my "lame " arm", in the context of his informative and passionate ongoing commentary of the activities, made me feel that I myself somehow had become knowledgeable.
His style of explaining was riveting as he elaborated on the breeding of each horse and the riding experience of the rider. David's intuitive pre-race identification of the probable winners at that race day for Group1 Gran Premio Estrellas', allowed me to leave with more pesos than what I had come with. The meal we enjoyed in the member's dining room provided a perfect window veiw at the table seat which he had thoughtfully reserved. As the day rapidly grew freezingly cold,. He pointed out from our warm haven "who was who" during the final trophy ceremony.
At the other event at Club Aleman de Equitacion I was amazed at the number of people who knew and greeted him. The hot tea and pastries afterwards gave us a chance to rehash the interesting afternoon and it's history..
My shoulder is healing well and I hope in the coming year to visit Buenos Aires again and to take advantage of a Polo day and country rides with David. I cannot say enough good things about him- his knowledge and his passion for what he does, as well as his thoughtful attention to detail. I am counting the days til I can actually ride with him.
If you are used to fine and informative personalized service this is the only way to check out the horse world for which B.A'aires is so well known.

 Kat J from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina said on tripadvisor.com.ar (September 7th, 2012):

We did the Uruguay day trip and it exceeded all of our expectations! I went with my husband and parents, of which none of us have any experience horse riding. But David made sure we were all coupled up with the right horses and gave continuous encouragement and coaching throughout the day. My husband and I even worked our way up to a gallop along the beach (a truly unforgettable experience). Even though we were there during the winter months the beauty of the countryside and secluded beach was more than enough compensation for the slight chill in the air. A small stop for lunch at the local farm, coupled with the quick tour of the town was beautiful and a true taste of local living. In summary, excellent riding, excellent coaching, excellent food, excellent scenery and excellent company. I would, and have, recommended this to many friends. If true and ultimate equestrian experience is what you seek, this guy has done his research and delivers beyond expectations.

 GarynSue1203 from Brisbane, Australia said on tripadvisor.com.ar (August 23rd, 2012):

Hi we spent time with David and he is an extremely knowledgable horse person and very helpful. We spent a day at an Estancia - great horses that suited both my partner who is an excellent rider and myself who is not a rider. Fantastic day - the hosts were excellent, food and amenities were lovely home cooked fare. Eveyone was great to deal with. A real highlight of our trip and would love to come back and do the week long horse trek to the Andes. Would also in hindsight have gone to the races and polo if timing worked. Overall - excellent.

Ginlim from Buenos Aires, Argentina said on tripadvisor.com.ar (August 23rd, 2012):

Buenos Aires Horse Adventures is the best way to experience Buenos Aires (or Uruguay, and other trips) by horse!! The horses are really good and welltrained! And if you are an experienced rider, David organizes excellent trips with the best horses in the most amazing nature where you are allowed to gallop, and do all the fun stuff! - And not just walk around while someone is holding your horse as soo many other places here in Buenos Aires only allow you to do!
I've been riding all my life and I highly recommend Buenos Aires Horse Adventures!

Kgari from Sydney, Australia said on tripadvisor.com.ar (August 13th, 2012):

I did the day to Colonia with David at Buenos Aires Horse Adventures. It was a day I will always remember. After arriving at Colonia , it is a short drive to the horse ranch. We mounted up for a beautiful ride through country fields (very reminiscent of Umbria in Italy) before arriving at the beach. A fabulous long gallop along the beach (it was spectacular) a break, a long gallop back and then more riding before we arrive for lunch at a beautiful rustic restaurant. The country setting was fabulous, food delicious - they make cheese from their own cows . A peaceful ride home (another gallop) then on to Colonia for a great city tour. Then its on to the ferry and back to BA. A really fabulous day. You can also find David on the web at Argentina Horse Adventures. I did tremendous riding with him in the BA countryside on endurance arabs plus he does a ranch tour. David is an ex-professional show jumper. This is the real deal if you are into horses. A man who loves horses and loves people . If you are equine inclined, its a must do. I absolutely LOVED it. I can recommend without hesitation.

Uruguay Day Trip

A day trip to Colonia


The right venue, great horses, really caring owners, lovely countryside, excellent restaurant and a good city tour. Discover the beautiful countryside and deserted beaches of Colonia on horseback.

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Countryside Riding

The most accessible


A two hour ride with a choice of two beautiful settings near the city; all levels of riders catered for on good horses with an excellent instructor; rides mornings and afternoons, only on weekdays.

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Eq. Country Day

A day in the countryside


Spend a wonderful day in the Argentine countryside just 1 hour outside the city at a private and exclusive estate. Get to ride pure Criollo horses in an ecological forest on the banks of the Parana river for up to 3 hours.

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Horse Racing

World's famous r-tracks


Join us in a fun afternoon at one of the world's famous race-tracks at the Hipódromo de Palermo. It includes the entrance to members enclosure, lunch, race-card and full assistance on how to bet. Available from 14:00 to 18:00 Hs.

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